For the first 10 years of our marriage, my husband was a youth/worship/associate pastor. I grew
up in one denomination, him in another, and we began our “ministry” in one neither of us had
ever been in. We spent the next 11 years in four entirely different denominations trying to find
that secret ingredient that would produce that “more” we read in Scripture. However, we were
convinced that the secret ingredient was figuring out the right way to do church. If we could just do it right, then we would experience that more. That Life.

Finally, we left the church system entirely. We didn’t know what we were going to, we just knew
that the Lord was telling us to go out into the great unknown, and trust Him. When we stepped
out, when we left it all behind, we began to see something we never expected. The Jesus we
knew and loved began to increase. Slowly at first, leading us to finally stop asking, “how do you
want us to do church?”, and start asking, “Lord, what do you want?”

Then one weekend, together with other Saints who were asking similar questions, He answered
us. He gave us a glimpse of His Divine Purpose, His heart’s desire, and our spirits began to
burn. Something had been lit within us. This “secret ingredient” we were after was revealed.

It wasn’t a form or model, it was a Person. A glorious Person that all creation reflected, and was made for. A Person that pleased the Father completely and fulfilled all the Father’s purpose.
A Person we were now made a part of, for His increase.

We realized that weekend, that the increase of Christ was only through our continued letting go
and laying down. Sometimes it is physical things, like our jobs and where we live. More often it
is our past experiences, opinions, ideas, long held beliefs, traditions, and especially, our
expectations. It is no longer about me and my needs. It is no longer about how to do church the
right way. It is now about Christ and the Church, the One New Man.

We have spent the last five years seeing more and more of this Person, together with our
Brothers and Sisters. Growing up into Christ together, on the adventure of a lifetime (and
eternity); fulfilling our destiny as members of the New Creation, the New Kingdom, the New
Humanity. Falling more and more in love with our Lord Jesus.

– Bridget

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One thought on “A Glorious Person

  1. mark james says:

    Sounds like you laid down your Life as you once knew it to take Up His by Way of carrying your own Cross as He Beheads All of us to this World as He’s Purifying us even precisely as He Himself is PURE as we are to and “MUST” be Obeying Him our only source of Eternal Deliverance of our souls will called the Salvation of our God. I am Blessed to both See and sense His Coming again in His Spiritual body on Earth as in our Souls will to do His Will as it is In Heaven so the TWO “Witnesses” are One Amen

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