I left church about two years ago. It started before then, but I decided to give it one last college try for my wife, and I was thrown to the wayside. Pride, arrogant, disobedient. Every time my wife talked about my heart, the pastor couldn’t stop finding more things to criticize me. The final nail was stopping to see old “friends” at a former church. The cold shoulders and snubs we got felt like “the love of many have waxed cold.”
I am tired of the same old, same old. Worship based on feelings than truth, sermons made off “feel good” mentality, cliques that could care less of “nonmembers,” and service and walks that are devoid of the Holy Spirit and the fear of God. I no longer wanted to be content. I have read books and the Bible on revival and God making His holiness known, and I want to know, while the church is fine with their tents near Sodom. I want away from the Laodicean church.
Hearing people singing “I’m desperate for You,” yet, as soon as the service is over, its time to go back to normal life. I became exhausted of hearing people lift up people instead of Jesus. Lastly, going to prayer meetings that have no passion but to ask God to do what they refuse to do. Yes, I was part of this hypocrisy and I saw I needed to get out.
What is most disturbing is assemblies act they everyone must come to their church. It is more about XYZ church than Jesus and His Body. We are called to serve His will, not the churches vision apart from glorifying His Son.
I have gifts matured from another church, and they go unused in a church. They were spent more walking into friends, at an old job, wherever God called me. I am no longer interested in the adrenaline rush worship rock concerts (worship and music are now inseparable, don’t you know?), and going to services where everyone is ready to leave (if God is truly there, why are we in such a rush to go?).
The Word says if we seek God, we will find Him. There is no passion for this deep search for Him. We have been duped that the God is there and He is content with us. If there is no desire to dig deeper after God. Until I hear the fire (as Leonard Ravenhill said, you don’t need to advertise a fire), I will have to keep searching for Him until He directs us to go.

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